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Category: Internet Love

Internet Love

Short list this week. I spent a lot of time finishing up a response to a manuscript and then vegging out watching TV before I tackle my next project, my first full read through of Book 1 of the Reaping Chronicles.


Things I loved on the internet:

Bruce Lee Remix — This one reminds me of the Bob Ross remix that was big earlier this year.

Gangnam Style — I really want to flash mob this. My brain has been mixing up “Cinder Fella” from last week and “Gangnam Style” in an extremely odd remix that keeps looping.


Internet Love

There are days I realize how much I love the internet. Yesterday was one of them. There are so many amazingly creative and wonderful people out there, and the internet lets me connect to them. Or at least their work.

Things I loved on the internet the past few weeks:

Abridged History of Western Art Music – by which he kind of means Classical/Instrumental, but that doesn’t quite cover it. Starting in the Middle Ages, continuing through the 20th century, this reddit post links to formative examples of music from each time period, and hints at current artists to keep an eye on.

H+ – A large percentage of the world’s population has adopted the H+ implant. It has replaced the need for cell phones, computers, TV and computer screens. Your brain, your body, with the implant, becomes all these things. An overlay on top of reality. The internet straight to your brain, 24 hours a day. But things go wrong. My only complaint with this show is that I can’t get enough of it.

Cold Days has a release date! – This is probably only interesting to fellow Jim Butcher fans. And I’m darn ecstatic. The only thing I’m more excited for is The Hobbit.

Cinder Fella – Disney/pop mashup, GloZell the Fairy Godmother, a disney prince/princess dance off where the princesses dance to a Katy Perry “I Kissed a Girl”, Little Mermaid “Kiss the Girl” mashup, “Thriller”, and a surprise guest that made me giggle. There’s so much awesome crammed in this video it’s ridiculous.