By the Numbers: The Sword-Edged Blonde by Alex Bledsoe

by Crystal Bryant

I should clarify that when I count scenes, I’m counting sections that the author has separated by either a chapter or an empty line indicating a change in time or place. This may or may not be how the author would define scenes.

Today’s by the numbers spreadsheet is The Sword-Edged Blonde by Alex Bledsoe.

Genre: Fantasy

Click here to open the spreadsheet in Google Docs.

Information I extract:

  • Chapters
    • Number of chapters
    • Max chapter length
    • Min chapter length
    • Average length of chapters
    • Number of scenes per chapter
    • Max scenes per chapter
    • Min scenes per chapter
  • Scenes
    • Number of scenes
    • Max scene length
    • Min scene length
    • Average scene length
  • Total number of words